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LUNACY - How to install LUNACY free software

Lunacy is a free and very powerful design software. It works equally well on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Looking for a free solution to practice Digiscrap, I had the opportunity to test many softwares that I presented on this post (What is the best free software to make Digiscrap or digital Scrapbooking?).
These personal tests revealed to me that the LUNACY software perfectly met my expectations, on one hand because it is intuitive and on the other hand because it is very complete for a 100% free application.
This software is mainly used to design website interfaces or mobile applications, but, although this is not its primary function, it is extremely efficient to make Digiscrap! ^^
Indeed, it allows me both to retouch an image, like a photo or a downloaded paper; but also to make photomontages and complex assemblies.

In this first course devoted to this program, we will see how to install it. This course is based on the Windows version, I hope that Mac users will find other courses adapted to Mac OS.


Step 1
Go to https://icones8.fr/lunacy

Step 2
Click on "Download from Microsoft Store".

Step 3
Windows will ask you for confirmation, click on "Open Microsoft Store"

Step 4
Windows launches Microsoft Store.

Step 5
Click on "Install".

Step 6
The program downloads and installs

Step 7
When the installation is complete, click on "Open" to launch the program

LUNACY is installed on your computer! ^^

When you need to use it, you can find it in your program list

or type "LUNACY" in your search bar at the bottom left of your screen to find it

That's it!
A next tutorial is being written to discover the software